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Blue Beetle is the name of three fictional superheroes who appear in a number of American comic books published by a variety of companies since First appearance ‎: ‎Mystery Men Comics #1. Take a look at the biggest names in superheroes and you probably realize that you're looking at a sea of red, blue, yellow. There are some. Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and all your favorite superheroes. Blue Marvel possess superhuman strength that is equal to Thor and Hulk, high. blue super heroes

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A child prodigy, he graduated from high school and college before he was 18 and learned the art of lying as he hid the full scope of his brilliance for most of his childhood after being accused of cheating. Kord "jumped" to the DC Comics universe during the Crisis on Infinite Earths alongside a number of other Charlton Comics characters. Sturges on Blue Beetle's End". After the final encounter with Veidt at the end of the series, she assumes the identity of Sandra Hollis and continues her relationship with Dan. As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel , Blue Marvel appeared as a member of the Ultimates. The Blue Beetle had a short career on the radio, between May and September This contradicts the main Watchmen series, which cast Edward Blake as a close personal friend of Richard Nixon for whom he had worked as an assassin.


INSANE BLUE HULK VS BLUE HULK (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes) - Fun BATTLE The film also places him as John F. Booster Gold comic book. Abilities Blue Marvel is not immortal, but due to his exposure to anti-matter he age alot slower then humans. For yellow characters, see Yellow Fellows by Multiplus. The character appears throughout the story in flashbacks and aspects of his personality are revealed by other characters.